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__**NHS Smartcard Logins**__

We are aware that some teams are having ongoing issues accessing Anima using smartcards via our CIS2 integration. The NHS CIS2 team released a breaking change in the API yesterday which supports Anima’s smartcard integration. No releases or changes have been made by Anima and smartcard functionality was working as expected on the morning of the 14 November.

Whilst we await a fix from the NHS CIS2 team, please follow the below steps to ensure you and your team can access Anima:

Firstly, attempt signing in both via the desktop application and the browser-based version of Anima (https://clinics.animahealth.com/authorization),
If neither of these solve the problem, please log into Anima using an email and password via “Standard Login”
Please check your smartcard set up via this link: https://am.nhsidentity.spineservices.nhs.uk/openam/XUI/#/smartcardDiagnostics

If you or any of your team members are still experiencing an issue, please do contact us directly for support.
We are now actively making changes to our login flow to avoid unnecessary reliance on the NHS CIS2 API should any future breaking changes be released.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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