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How to launch Anima with patients

Your accounts are made, practice training is complete, and you're ready to go! Your account manager should have discussed with you your options for launching Anima at your practice. This article will help you to do this, but if you require any customisations or have any questions about the process, please get in touch with your account manager.

If you, or someone in your practice, maintains your practice website

You can view our default banners below. Download one of the banners the section below and add it to the appropriate section on your website. Add a hyperlink to the banner to:

If you would like different wording or graphics, please get in touch with your account manager and they'll be able to make those changes for you.

*Choose the banner you want, right click on the image and click 'Download'


If someone else maintains your practice website for you

If you use a third party provider to maintain your practice website, you can send them this email and attach your preferred banner to ask them to update your website:

Dear Webmaster,

Please add the attached banner to our practice website and link it to: [](

This banner advertises the new digital health platform we now offer to our patients. Please place this banner near the top of our website's homepage, so it's one of the first things that patients see. If we use a carousel please add the image into the carousel. If the banner needs to be resized, please let us know: we will ask the platform provider to supply a different version.

Many thanks,

[Your name]

Tutorials for some common practice website providers

Here are some tutorials provided by website providers for GP practices to help you edit your own website:

My Surgery Website:

We also recommend sending a mass text message to your patients with a link to the Anima registration page to encourage them to sign up.

You may already use a text messaging service to send your patients updates and information; you can also message patients through Anima using the Contact Patients page in Anima. If you need help using the contact patients page, read this article.

Suggested text message templates

Example 1:

**[Your practice name]** is now using Anima to help manage patient requests. Using Anima is the fastest way to get the care you need: instead of waiting to book an appointment, submit a medical or admin request straight to the practice and we'll notify you when we've decided on next steps. Visit to sign up today.

Example 2:

You can now submit medical or admin requests to the practice using Anima, without needing an appointment. Visit to sign up.

Finally, we recommend using your practice's answerphone message to inform patients about Anima, and direct them to the practice website where they can click the Anima banner to sign up and submit a request straight away rather than waiting on the phone.

If you record your own answerphone messages, you might want to get someone recognisable - like your lead GP or one of your reception team - to record the message for patients.

Suggested answerphone message to record

Thank you for calling [your practice name]. If you are ringing to book an appointment or speak to a GP, you can now use Anima to submit requests to the practice. You can sign up for Anima on the practice website. Anima is the fastest way to get the care you need: submit a medical or admin request by completing a short questionnaire, and you'll be notified when the practice has decided on next steps.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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