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Contacting patients in Anima

How can I contact a patient?

You can contact patients directly within Anima from the ‘Contact patients’ page - it’s one of the best ways to get patients to start submitting requests.

Click ‘Contact patients’ on your left-hand menu, and first enter the details of the patient you want to contact. You can search for a patient’s contact details using their name and/or NHS number, or enter their details manually. Patients cannot directly reply to messages that you send them: they will be directed to their Anima account.

Once you have added patients to the recipient list, select what message you would like to send:

Request the patient completes an Anima review: use this option to use our message templates and invite patients to submit a particular Anima review. Select which module you would like the patient(s) to complete from the dropdown list, and choose whether you would like to send the request via email, SMS, or both. Click send message to send the message to the patient.
Send a custom message: use this option to send your own message to a patient. Select whether you would like to send the message via email, SMS, or both, then write your message in the relevant text box and click Send message.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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