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How to search your EHR for a patient's contact details using their name

You can search your EHR for a patient's contact details using their full name. 

To use this method, you must be on a device connected to your EHR, have your EHR running and be logged in. If you cannot use this method, you should enter the patient's details manually - read this article for help on how to do this. 

On the Contact Patients page, click Search for patients by name.
Enter the patient's first name and last name into the corresponding boxes. Searches are case sensitive, so make sure you capitalise each name (for example, you should search for 'John Smith', not 'john smith' to ensure that you get the right results).

The search button will turn purple when you have entered a name. Click search.

If there is a match, the patient will be displayed in the dropdown list. Click the dropdown list to view the search results.

Select the patient you wish to send a message to. Their details will be displayed: check that they are correct and then click Add to recipient list.

The patient is added to the recipient list. You can now compose and send your message!

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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