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How to delete a patient request

There may be scenarios in which you wish to delete a patient's request entirely, without signing it off - for example, if a patient has submitted a request in error, or if you have used a test patient to submit requests.

To delete a patient request entirely from your dashboard:

On your Anima dashboard, for the patient request that you want to delete, click the Actions dropdown menu:

From the menu that appears, click delete:

Deleting a patient's request is permanent, so make sure to read the information box carefully.

Enter a reason for deleting the patient's request. This reason will be sent to the patient to inform them that you have deleted their request:

Type the word 'delete' into the final box to confirm that you wish to delete the request:

Click delete request:


The request will be deleted and will no longer appear on your dashboard. The patient that submitted the request will receive an email informing them that their request has been deleted and your reason for deleting the request.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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