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How to download the Anima desktop program

First, if this is your first time using Anima - welcome!

To get the most out of Anima, including to be able to make use of our 1-click coded save to record features, you will need to download the Anima desktop program. You don't need any special permissions or access requirements to download Anima. Any member of staff can download Anima on to any computer.

How to download Anima:

1. Start downloading the desktop program by going to:

Open the file that downloads - this will look different depending on what internet browser you are using. Look for a file ending in .exe - in Microsoft Edge, your file will look like this:

The file will open and start to install. When presented with our license agreement, click ‘I agree’ (this is our privacy policy):

On the Choose Installation Options window, the second option, "Only for me" will already be selected for you, so just click 'Next':

On the Choose Install Location window, click Install (don’t change the Destination Folder):

You'll be presented with a window to Finish and Run Anima. You’re done! You may need to wait a few moments before the home page appears.

Can’t download the desktop app?

If you can’t use the desktop app, you can also create your account using our web app. This will run Anima in your browser, and means you don't have to download anything. 

To use the web app, go to and follow the instructions to create your account and log in.

I've downloaded Anima but now I can't find it on my computer!

Anima will stay logged in for you as long as you have the program open. We recommend that once you have created your Anima account and logged in, you keep Anima open - don't close the window or quit the program. 

If at anytime you can’t find the Anima program, it's probably because the Anima window has been minimised. It's worth checking these three places to find it:

On your desktop, where the icon may look like this:

In your taskbar - this is the bar at the bottom of your computer screen.

In your system tray - these are the icons in the bottom right of your computer screen, where you may have to expand the menu to see the Anima icon.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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