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How to review tasks related to a patient request that has been signed off

Once you have signed off a request in Anima, you may still have tasks to complete depending on what sign off options you chose (e.g. issuing a prescription, booking an appointment). These will be displayed in the Tasks tab in your dashboard:

When you click on the tasks tab, your dashboard will change to look like this:

To complete tasks associated with a patient request:

Double click the patient request in the table.

Review the tasks to be completed for the patient request.

Hover over the task name to see more information about the task.

Some tasks, like some patient education options, will show as already completed. Anima’s patient education options are sent to the patient as part of your sign off message.

You can assign individual tasks to other team members - click the assign icon to select another user.
When you complete a task, tick the mark complete box.

When you complete all tasks, a success message will appear. Click OK to return to your dashboard.

When you have signed off a patient’s request, its status in your dashboard will update to Complete tasks: case closed:

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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