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Get started with the Anima toolbar

Whether you're using SystmOne or EMIS, you can now send a message or an appointment invite with a single click using the Anima toolbar. Here’s a quick guide on how to set it up.

Step 1: Configuration (EMIS only)

If you are a SystmOne practice, you're good to go - skip to Step 2.

If you are an EMIS practice, you will first need to deactivate and reactivate Anima in your EMAS manager before the full Toolbar functionality can be used. This only needs to be done once per organisation; not every user in the practice needs to do this. To do this, navigate to the EMIS bubble in the top left hand corner, click System Tools, and then EMAS Manager. In the top left hand corner, click Deactivate Application and then click Activate Application. You’re clinic is now good to go!

Step 2: Show or hide the toolbar

Within Anima, you can show or hide your toolbar using the button in the bottom left hand corner.

It will show up at the bottom of your screen like this:

Step 3: Load your patient

Now, head to your EHR (EMIS or SystmOne), and load your patient record. Note: If you don’t load your patient record and try to click the toolbar, you will get an error telling you to load your patient record.

Step 4: Understanding the buttons

There are 3 buttons in your Anima toolbar.

1) Click and hold the one on the far left to move your toolbar around your screen.

2) The envelope button allows you to send messages to the patient you have loaded in your EHR.

3) The calendar button with a plus sign allows you to send an appointment invite to the patient you have loaded in your EHR.

Step 5: Sending a message

1) When you click the envelope button, a pop-up will appear allowing you to send a custom message. The patient details will appear at the top for you to confirm.

2) Send the message as an email or SMS. When you click either, it will give you a textbox to write your message. You can use custom fields with {{ }} to personalize the message. For example, to add the patient's name, you can use {{ name }} and a green box will show (more on this below).

3) You can then allow patients to reply in the Anima patient application. The replies will be under your Conversation tab in your Anima dashboard.

4) Then, you can check the box to save the message to the EHR and add any SNOMED codes.

5) If you wish you can then schedule your message if you don't want to send it straight away. Then click Send Message.

6) Once you click Send Message, you'll receive a success confirmation message like below.

Step 6: Sending an appointment invite

When you click the appointment button, it will open a popup just like the "Send message" popup.

1) The popup will show you the patient details at the top (like above).

2) Select the practise you want the patient to book into, as well as the date range of the appointment. Here you can use any custom filters you built within the Anima dashboard.

3) There's checkboxes to Convert into a double appointment, Set manual expiry date for invitation, and Send an appointment reminder.

4) If you wish to send a message alongside the appointment invite, you can do so in the same way as sending a message. You can add attachments too.

5) Then, click Save event to electronic health record and add any relevant SNOMED codes.

6) Schedule the appointment invite if you wish.

7) Once you click Send Appointment Invite, you'll receive a success confirmation message to confirm the invite was sent.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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