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How do I register for an Anima account as a patient?

1. Get to the Anima patient website

From your GP surgery's website, you can click on the "Anima" banner, or click the link in the email or text that you received from your practice. You can also click here.

2. Create your Anima account

To start, this is what your page should look like:

To create an account, enter your email address and click or tap on continue with email. If you already have an NHS account, you can also continue with NHS login and skip until step 5.

If your email has already been used for an existing Anima account, you will now be prompted to log in. Only dependents are can share the same email address, add dependents in your account settings.

To sign up for a new account, please go back and use a new email address. If you only have one email address, you can read our article:
I share the same email address as my partner, can we use the same account?. If you are using a new email address, this is what your page should look like.

Enter a password that is least 8 characters, and a mixture of upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers. Then click or tap create new account.

3. Verify your email address

If your password meets the requirements, this is what your page should look like.

Go to your email inbox and find the email we sent you from If you don’t receive an email, check your spam or junk folders and make sure you entered your email address correctly, go back and change emails if necessary. This is what the email should look like when you find it.

Click or tap verify my email to get brought to a page that should look like this.

If your email is successfully verified, or if it was already verified, you can click or tap continue with email to log in to your account. If you receive an error, please also continue with email to send a new verification email and repeat the process.

4. Log in to your account

When you are logging in for the first time, this is what the page should look like.

Enter your password and click or tap log in. Reset your password if you forgot it or are having trouble using it, you can read our article: I’ve forgotten my Anima password

5. Verify your personal and GP practice details with the NHS

Enter the information on the next page to help us verify with the NHS that you are registered at your GP practice. Make sure you enter this information accurately, as we use this information to verify with the NHS that you are registered at your GP practice. If the information doesn’t match, we won’t be able to automatically verify your account, and your GP practice will have to manually approve your account. You won’t be able to submit any requests to your GP practice until they do this, so it could slow down you being able to make your account.

Enter your name, date of birth (day, month, year), and sex.

Enter the postcode that you used to register at your GP practice, and your phone number. If you do not have a mobile phone you can use a landline but you will not receive text updates or communications.

Enter and select the name of your GP practice from the dropdown list. The GP practice postcode will be automatically filled.

Enter your NHS number if you know it. You can find it from the NHS here. Then check the box to confirm to what is written, and click or tap on create account. If the create account button is grey, please double check that you have entered all the information.

Anima said my account couldn't be verified

Anima automatically verifies the information that you submit with the information that your GP practices has about you. Sometimes this doesn't exactly match - you may have changed names, or registered at your practice with your middle name for example! If you see a message saying you haven't been verified - don't worry. Your practice will have been sent your registration and they will be able to manually verify your account if you are registered at their practice.

Please do not contact your practice if this happens to you - your practice will have been notified and will verify your account when they are able to. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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