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How do I add a dependant to my account?

You can add dependants to your Anima account if they are registered at the same GP practice as you. Once you add someone as a dependant, you will be able to submit Anima requests on their behalf - this may be useful to submit requests for children, or elderly relatives for example. 

First, log into your Anima account. From your dashboard, click Settings

Click Dependents and children

Click Add new dependent

Complete the form (you may need to scroll to view the whole form) and click Add dependant and verify details:

If the information you have entered matches the records we hold from your GP practice, your dependant will be automatically verified and added your account, where the account will appear as verified.

If you receive a message saying your dependant could not be verified, don't worry - your practice will have been informed and will manually verify your dependant's account. You do not need to contact your practice in this case. Your dependant will appear as pending in the list until your practice verifies the account - you can click the pencil logo to edit the details if you made a mistake, or delete the dependant entirely:

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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