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How do I start using Anima?

Once you've created your Anima account, you'll be ready to start submitting requests to your GP practice! This article sets out a simple guide to Anima's main features. 

When you register for your Anima account, you'll automatically be prompted to complete our Guided Tour. This will help you familiarise yourself with all of Anima's features and takes just a few minutes. 

Once you’ve completed the tour, you’ll be taken to your dashboard where you can choose from the options to complete the right request for your problem:

From here, you can:

Get help for a medical issue (for help with any new or ongoing medical problem)

Submit an admin request (where you can ask for common admin requests such as for a sick notes, referrals, test results, travel documents)

Ask a simple question (only available at some practices - where you can ask simple clarification questions that don't require a full request to be submitted)

Help myself through online advice (advice on all conditions through the NHS website).

Read this article to find out more on how to submit a request to your GP practice using Anima.

Once you’ve submitted a request, your practice will decide what to do next - you don’t have to do anything until you hear from your practice. You can track the status of your requests from the In progress section of your dashboard:

Click Status to view the status of your request:

Sometimes your practice might need more information from you to know what to do next. If your practice sends you a message about your request, you’ll receive an email and a text, the status of your request will change. You’ll see a red button like this:

Click the red button to view and respond to your practice’s message:

Your practice will review your request and will let you know what they want to do next.

You’ll receive messages from your practice via email, text, and in your Anima dashboard.

Your GP practice will suggest the most appropriate next steps for your request. These may include a variety of options such as a face-to-face or telephone appointment with your GP, a new prescription, a change in your medication, or a referral to a specialist.
When your practice resolves your request, click View next to the request in your list of recent reviews. This will show you your practice’s message:

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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