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Can I submit questions to my doctor in my own words?

Whether you'd like to submit a medical request, submit an administrative request, or ask a simple question, you always have the option to ask questions in your own words in Anima. 

Medical request

For medical requests, in order to help your GP best answer your question, we require you provide as much detail and relevant information pertaining to your concern. You will have the option to ask any questions on the final page, as seen here: 

Admin request

For admin requests, in order for the GP Surgery staff to best handle your inquiry, we ask you provide relevant details to fulfill your request. You will have the option to add any relevant details and ask questions here:

Simple question

For patients who have no change in their condition or treatment and no new concern about their health, Anima provides an option for simple inquiries:

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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