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Configuring your user settings

Once you've created your Anima account and logged in to Anima, the first thing you should do before accepting patient requests is set up your user settings. Anima lets you customise lots of things to help you manage your workflow, like your working hours and your maximum assignments. 

Organisation super-admins have access to more organisation-wide settings: we show you how to set these up in this article. 

Entering your basic information

Click ‘**User settings’** in the left hand menu:

The personal details tab will already be highlighted. Confirm that your first and last name have been entered correctly:

Enter your EHR username in the relevant box:

You can also upload an optional profile picture, and update your role.

Setting your maximum assignments

What does this mean? This is the number of patient requests that can be assigned to you before you are shown as at capacity to the rest of your organisation.

On the Personal Details tab of your user settings, scroll down to Max Assignments and enter the maximum number of patient requests you want to be able to be assigned to you at once:

Setting your working hours

What does this mean? These are the hours that you are available to action patient requests through Anima. 

Scroll down to Working Hours to set the hours that you are available to action patient requests submitted through Anima - other users will be able to see your availability when assigning patient requests and tasks.

Click on the clock icon on each box to set the start and end times for each day:

If you don’t work on particular days, untick the checkbox next to that day:

Click Save changes.

#### ❗ Important: you must click save changes whenever you update any of your user settings!

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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