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How to access a request you “saved” to finish later

Login to your Anima account. On your patient Dashboard, you will see your requests which are "in progress." Those that are 'pending' or 'incomplete requests' are labeled with Action required. You have the option to "Resume" or "Delete" incomplete requests. Any incomplete requests which are deleted cannot be retrieved. 

In order to access a previously started, but incomplete request, find the request you are referring to from your Dashboard's "In progress" list. 

Click on the blue button labelled "Resume" for the request you wish to complete. 

You will see a pop up message regarding previously uploaded images. Any previously uploaded images are deleted in incomplete requests. You will need to upload them again. Click the blue button labelled "Close" to continue. 

You will be taken to the stage of the medical or administrative request where you left off. From here, you can complete the review and submit your request on the final screen. 

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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