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How to add additional letter type options: SystmOne (TPP)

Here's a step-by-step guide for SystmOne practices to add additional letter type options to resolve errors when saving documents to record. If you have further questions or problems, please contact your Anima account manager.

Open organisation preferences
Click on "Setup"
Click on "Users & Policy"
Click on "Organization Preferences"

Open document processing settings
Scroll down through the left side menu
Click on the arrow to the left of "Scanning"
Click on "Document Processing"

Open letter configuration
Click on the dropdown in the "SystmOne Letters" section
Scroll to the bottom of the dropdown list
Click on "Configure List..."

Configure additional letter types
Select all items from the left side of "Available Options" by clicking the first item and dragging down
Once selected, click the arrow pointing right to move the selected items to the right side of "Permitted Options"

Select the option to "Allow users to select options outside this defined list"

Save changes
Click "Ok" to save changes

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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