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How to assign a patient request to someone else

You can explicitly assign patient requests that are submitted through Anima to different members of your organisation. 

There are two places that you can assign patient requests from: directly from your dashboard, or from the dedicated quick assign page.

This method is most appropriate for when you only want to assign one or two patient requests.

From your Anima dashboard, for the patient request that you want to assign, click the Assign icon in the relevant request's row:

A menu will be displayed. Click the Select a team member dropdown menu to select which person you want to assign the request to:

Select the user you want to assign the request to:

To view more options, click View full assignment options:

This fuller menu allows you to add more advanced options, such as the request's priority, due date, and any note that you may wish to send to the user that you are assigning the request to:

From here you can also view other users' capacity and availability to help you decide who to assign the request to.

More advanced options

When you assign requests, you can specify additional options for that request. You can:
Set a request as high priority
To set a request as high priority, tick the high priority checkbox.

This request now appears in the dashboard with a red exclamation mark.

Set a due date for the request

To set a due date for a request, either type in the due date in the box, or click the calendar icon to bring up the calendar.

You can scroll through months by clicking the arrow icon.

This request now appears in the dashboard with a clock icon.

Add a note to the request

You can add a note to a request using the text box in the assignment menu.

You can view the note by hovering over the icon in the dashboard.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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