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Release notes | 1.4.07 | Dec 11, 2023

Appointment invite improvements

Double appointments (#828)
When sending an appointment invite to patients, it is now possible to configure a double appointment. This will only allow the patient to book slots where there are two adjacent slots available, and upon booking it will book the patient in for both slots. This is not flagged to the patient other than showing the length of the appointment being 20min instead of the regular 10min.

Appointment preference in booking invites (#836)
When sending an appointment invite to patients, if the patient has submitted booking preferences, these are now shown next to the relevant inputs. This has previously only been shown when booking "now".

Task table

We have eliminated the initial limit on the number of tasks loaded on the table, ensuring that the badge accurately displays the total number of tasks. Users will no longer be required to click "Load more" and sorting now include all tasks that meet the filtering criteria.

task table

Document processing

- Documents are now saved to EMIS
- A link to the original document in Anima is now saved to EMIS
- Some text formatting issues with text saved into SystmOne have been rectified

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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