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Release notes | 1.4.6 | 4 Dec 2023

Introducing the Anima Toolbar

Contacting patients has never been easier.

Anima Toolbar

Whether you're using SystmOne or EMIS, you can now send a message or an appointment invite with a single click. When you have a patient's record open in your EHR, just click on the Toolbar's 'Custom Message' or 'Appointment Invite' shortcuts to bring up the new quick action windows. EMIS practices should read the orange warning box below.

Sending an appointment invite

For EMIS practices: if you are an EMIS practice, you will need to deactivate and reactivate Anima in your EMAS manager before the full Toolbar functionality can be used. Navigate to EMAS Manager, click Partner API, then select Anima from the left-hand menu. Click 'Deactivate Application', then 'Activate Application'. This only needs to be done once per organisation; not every user in the practice needs to do this.


Contact patients has been redesigned

The contact patients page has been redesigned to be more intuitive and simpler to use. It is now split up into 4 steps: Add recipients, Customise message, Schedule message and Review message. Functionality remains largely the same as the old Contact patients page. One notable change is that we've simplified the message you send to the patients. The message will now contain a common body regardless of whether you choose to send it via SMS, email or both. Expect more changes and improvements in the near future.

Adding recipients

Customise message

SNOMED codes to register on appointment decline

Previously it was only possible to configure SNOMED codes that should be registered on appointment invites that were sent out via SMS and where the patient replied "DECLINE" to that SMS. This has now been extended, so SNOMED codes can be registered also when the appointment is declined via the patient app.
When sending out bulk appointment invites via contact patients, you can now set the SNOMED codes you want registered under Save to electronic health record section.

Users can now create profiles with different practices

Existing users can be invited by multiple practices. This will create for them a new profile, and they can choose to access the right organisation when signing in.


Questionnaire updates

Improvements to 2 week BP questionnaire

BP/heart rate questions are no longer marked as required and each individual component may be left blank. Average values will take account of all available data for their category (systolic/diastolic/pulse rate) and any missing entries will be shown as a question mark.

New Questionnaires

GAD7 questionnaire which can be sent by invitation to patients
Patient-facing questionnaire to request a (new) prescription

Security update - User activation and deactivation

Users new to Anima cannot access an organisation's dashboard unless activated by an administrator with sufficient permissions.
Existing users can be deactivated or activated multiple times using the Availability and assignment tab under Organisation Settings.
Users invited by an organisation member are activated by default


Updated on: 26/01/2024

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