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Release notes | v1.3.31 | 31 Aug 2023

Force update of appointment slots

When new appointment slots are added, it may take up to three hours before they are available in Anima. You can now force this update by navigating to Settings => Organisation Settings => Practice details, and pressing Force appointment slots update. This will force a slots refresh which should make the slots available within a few minutes.

Export registered patients list

You can now export patients registered to your organisation. It lets you download a CSV file containing patient details including NHS number, their email and whether the account was created via proxy. Navigate to Settings => Organisation Settings => Audit and reporting and select an organisation, and enter a date range of when the patient accounts were created. This will download the CSV file upon clicking "Export patients" button.

Allow for reassigning a request in the request view.

It's now possible to see, reassign, change priority of and set a due date on a request directly on top of the request view.

Other updates

Bug fixes - a bug affecting GPAD auto booking has now been fixed.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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