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Release notes | 1.4.20 | 13 Mar 2024

Patient questionnaires

- Image upload warnings: Patients are now presented with a more obvious warning message when uploading photos reminding them to not upload images of an intimate nature.

- Updates to the 2-week blood pressure readings questionnaire: Dangerously abnormal blood pressure readings submitted in this questionnaire will now be highlighted in the triage RAG rating.

- Improved wording when asking patient's sex to use more inclusive language.

Document Processing

- New file formats: We've added support for processing .xlsx and .rtf documents.

- Document annotations: You can now add annotations to documents! In the document viewer, click the 'T' icon to add text boxes to a document, or the pencil/edit icon to add handwriting, underlines, or any other free-form additions. Your annotations will be automatically saved and made viewable by any clinical user who views that document in Anima. When saving to record, you can choose to save the document with or without your annotations.

Example annotation - text box & pen

- Default recipient information can be now configured in your organisation settings. Once configured, you can click "set as practice" to update recipient information in one click and set your practice's details as the default recipient information for all documents.

Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where patients sometimes weren't notified when their actions in the patient app failed.

- Fixed an issue in some questionnaires that prevented patients from bypassing questions related to radiation of pain where there was no radiation present.

- Fixed a validation issue relating to date inputs in patient questionnaires which occasionally resulted in an unexpected value being provided.

- Fixed a spelling mistake in the paediatrics patient questionnaire.

- Fixed an issue preventing proxy submissions of the Subject Access Request (SAR) questionnaire from being submitted due to erroneously requiring an image to be uploaded.

- Fixed an intermittent loading issue with our training centre - no more spinning wheels!

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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