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Release notes | 1.4.08 | 28 December 2023

Questionnaire updates

- The maximum length of the main question input in the simple query questionnaire has been extended from 200 to 1000 characters (#1279).

Request sign off updates

- When signing off a request, if all tasks have been completed, the ‘Assign Tasks’ popup modal will not be shown.
- The appointment booking type is automatically set to be the booking type most recently used.
- Added ‘Do not show this message again’ to the attachments pop up message
Do not show message again

Other bug fixes

- When no admin or medical requests had been configured for the organisation, opening hours were sometimes displayed incorrectly in the patients app. This is now fixed (#1238).
- A specific error message during patient login using NHS login was not displayed properly, seemingly placing the patient in an endless login loop (#1257).
- A clarification has been made in one of the error messages in the patients app where it seemed to recommend that the patient check their device time, when it actually should have recommended to check network connectivity (#1258).
- A fix for SystmOne address-related error messages when saving documents to the EHR.
- A fix for a date issue when saving to SystmOne where clinic or letter dates may be incorrect.
- Activity logs are formatted correctly for a processed document

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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