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Release notes | 1.4.12 | 24 Jan 2024


- It's now possible to mark patients as having warnings. Mark by checking "This patient has warnings on their record" when verifying or creating patients. Patients with warnings tagged will have a warning icon next to them in request views (#800).

Document processing

- Documents will now save under the relevant event or clinic date in the EHR when surfaced by Annie
- Documents linked to problem codes will now link correctly in the EHR
- It's now also possible to add/link multiple problems (existing and new) to a document and save to EHR
- Added an indicator on codes to highlight QOF codes
- Recipient data will now be structured by Annie when saving documents to EHR
- Users can now train Annie to extract custom fields from documents. e.g. Departments and Follow up dates. This is found in your document processing settings under Organisation Settings - Reach out to your account manager for any specific queries. We're excited to hear your feedback!


Contact Patients - Dashboard

- Contact patients now has a dashboard page that displays a list of all sent messages
- Messages have a status that shows if they are pending, failed, invalid or delivered
- The dashboard lets you search by name, NHS number, email or phone and filter by message type and status

Contact Patients Dashboard

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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