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Release notes | 1.4.18 | 23 Feb 2024


- You can now filter for Closed Requests via the main dashboard
Closed requests filter


- Users can now edit the summary generated by Annie if they wish to
- Optimised Annie to identify Event Dates from letters more consistently
- A default letter type can be set as an organisation setting. Every new document processed will default to this letter type
- Numeric codes now accept decimal values, and are accompanied by units and range checks if applicable


- Updated wording of SMS messages and emails sent to patients to reference 'your practice' rather than 'your GP' as the sender
- Update wording of SMS messages to change references to a 'plan' to a 'response'

Bug fixes

- Fix for an issue that caused closed requests to show as unassigned by default
- Wording for certain notifications sent to patient has been updated
- Fix for an issue blocking patients from submitting requests for dependents when their main account limits were being reached
- Fix for an issue that would allow clinical users to submit requests over their set limits

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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