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Release notes | 1.4.19 | 6 Mar 2024

- You can now link directly to pages in the NHS.UK Health A to Z within the Patient Education sign-off options.


- GPAD/triage slots are no longer offered as bookable in patient self-book links.


- You can now approve dependant accounts that have more than one parent account in patient management. When a patient submits a verification request for a dependant that already exists, you will have the choice of confirming additional parent.

Document processing

- After you open and close a document, the document table's filters are now preserved so you can resume from where you left off.
- You can now convert a SNOMED read code into a problem code (Major/Minor) with just one click!
- You can now add free-text notes to problem codes & read codes, which will save into the patient's record.

Multi-org setup

- Users with the appropriate permissions are now able to edit teams from other organisations in the same PCN or network.
- Clinical users are now able to invite members from other organisations in the same PCN or network.

Bug fixes

- Messages sent to patients confirming booking or cancelling appointments are now visible in Contact Patients message list.
- Fix for incorrect handling of pack-year codes when taking smoking history from patients on GORD questionnaire.
- Increased amount of text patients can enter when submitting a medication query questionnaire.
- Fix for SystmOne code mappings for smoking and drinking codes in low mood / anxiety questionnaire.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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