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Release notes | 1.4.21 | 21 Mar 2024


- New default filter for requests awaiting a patient reply: You can now filter your dashboard for requests that are awaiting patient reply (which currently appear in your dashboard as "Waiting for reply"). This can help you keep track of requests where you've sent the patient a message and are waiting for the patient to get back to you. You can find this new default filter in your dashboard, under "Awaiting response":

- More custom filters: We have increased the maximum number of custom filters you can save in the dashboard from five to seven:

Document Processing

- Duplicate letter detection: We know that teams will sometimes receive the same document 2, 3 or more times. Anima will now notify you if a document is a duplicate and already present in the patient record, saving you the need to read and code the same document multiple times. The notification will trigger if there is already a letter with the same letter type and event date for the patient when you attempt to save to record. You then are presented with the choice to either save or discard the document:

- Time-limited problem codes in SystmOne: We have added support for configuring a timeframe for any new problems added from a document. The problem will stay active in SystmOne until the end date. To configure the time limit, you can click the "Active For" field and select a duration or choose a specific date.

- Detailed description in EHR tasks in SystmOne: We have added more information in the EHR task description to aid in workflow. By default, tasks will now include the letter summary, event date, letter type & if the letter is saved to record.

- New patient column for documents table: A 'Patient' column has been added to the Documents table, displaying the patient's name & NHS number. You can also search by a patient's name or NHS number to find all documents associated with that patient:

- Navigating documents with 1 click: You can navigate between documents from within the document viewer - simply use the up and down arrows next to the document's title. In addition, once a document is saved to record, the next document will be automatically loaded.

- Define custom letter types: You can now create your own custom letter types to suit your team's needs! Simply head to your Organisation settings -> Document processing to add your letter types.

- Virus detection: We've added automatic antivirus scanning for all uploaded documents.

Patient Questionnaires

- Fixed an issue where the blood test questionnaire was available as both an admin or medical request.
- Increased character limit when requesting a patient's email address in the EPS registration questionnaire.


- Fixed CTV3 mapping of Autism Spectrum Disorder (SNOMED 35919005) for SystmOne clinics - this code now maps to X00TM.

Other improvements

- Contact patients batch sorting: Contact patient batches are now sorted by date.
- Fixed an issue where there were two 'Attach Document' options being displayed when signing off an admin request.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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