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Release notes | 1.4.23 | 04 Apr 2024

Document Processing

Batch scanning & splitting documents You can now upload a single batch scan file and then split the file into separate documents. Click the down arrow beside "Upload document" button to use this option. The split documents will be uploaded and processed as separate documents. You can also rename them after they've been uploaded and remove any blank pages.

Improved SNOMED code search results which make it easier to find the code you are looking for

Custom fields can now be added to Snomed codes through organisation settings You can now ask Annie to predict the most relevant SNOMED code for your custom field. In the example below Annie will suggest "Seen in xxxxx" codes based on the custom field.


General updates to coding:

Hovering over the QOF indicator will display which QOF clusters the code is a part of
New indicator to highlight codes which accept numerical input
We now display the underlying SNOMED code (and CTV3 code for S1 practices)
You can now search by SNOMED or CTV3 directly when adding codes
Annie will automatically calculate and add the BMI code if weight and height observations are present in a document
Fixed incorrect range validation error for Blood Pressure code values
Several mapping updates for SNOMED & CTV3 codes

Org settings to toggle saving document URL to record. If turned off, the anima document url will not be included in the consultation notes.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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