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Release notes | 1.4.3 | 7 Nov 2023

Quick select of date range for appointment invites

You can now pick a date range for appointment invites with different quick selects. When you've used a range, it will be stored and preselected the next time you create an invite.

Configure SMS override for appointment booked via Book Appointment Now option

You can access the sms override by going to Organizational Settings -> Sign off option editor -> Bookings and select the booking option you want to change. Note that this sms override does not apply to appointment invites.

Sign off option modal

Added org config to toggle the ability for patients to add additional availability when submitting surveys

You can find this setting by going to Organizational Settings -> Practice details

Extra availability config

Manual verification of patients

When manually verifying patients, we now allow phone numbers from more regions, including some European countries and the United States.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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