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Release notes | 1.4.30 | 07 June 2024

Document processing

Improved Task Creation

The create task modal now opens on the side of the page and no longer covers the document
You can now add custom task titles for quick access when creating tasks in the document settings

Many Small Fixes & Improvements

You can now see when other users are working on the same document
You can now search through saved documents
You can now set the letter date as the event date with a single button click
Improved the search order when updating the document letter type
Fixed issue with code values not being saved when you leave the document
Fixed issue with unit conversion when calculating BMI
Fixed issue with Annie picking up dates as 1924 instead of 2024
Document sort order by Uploaded At will now be preserved when you next returned to the page

Coding Improvements

Updated problematic CTV3 mappings including “Fracture of distal end of radius” and “Kidney Stone”
Fixed CTV3 codes not showing in code search when the patient had not been verified
Display synonyms for SNOMED codes in code selector where these are available (for EMIS users)
Display CTV3 terms (and synonyms) in code selector where these are available (for SystmOne users)
Display CTV3 terms instead of SNOMED terms where available across problem and read codes in Document Processing (for SystmOne users)

Patient Questionnaires

Update the fit note patient questionnaire to explicitly ask patient for their reason to need a fit note.

Patient Interface

Fixed an issue which could cause appointment slots to fail to load for patients
Fixed an issue with patients encountering an infinite loading screen after submitting a request
Various updates to GP Practice details


Fixed times around midday displaying incorrectly in appointment slot detail screen
Shortened section headings to improve display of records saved to EMIS

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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