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Release Notes | v1.3.12 | 06 Jan 2023

Say hi to Annie, your new AI-powered personal assistant! Annie can provide a concise summary and suggest next steps based on each patient's request.

You can access Annie's report for certain patient requests straight from the Dashboard side-panel.

Annie is also accessible from the navigation sidebar of the patient request modal.

Annie Preview is in beta, and although in our testing, we have found her summaries to be useful and accurate, it is important that clinicians understand potential limitations of the model. Users should only treat Annie's output as 'food for thought'. Just as you would not blindly trust a result from Google, you must exercise careful clinical judgement as the clinical decision maker, just as you would in any other situation:

Potential differential diagnoses and potential management options are not exhaustive. The correct differential diagnoses and management next steps may be missing from Annie's list of suggestions.
Annie does not always have the full past medical history, drug history and social history of the patient. As a result, she may generate inappropriate suggestions, e.g. suggesting a drug that the patient is intolerant or allergic to. Carefully exercise clinical judgement.
Annie may generate incorrect or inaccurate information, especially for general queries where there is very little information. In these cases, she often tries to take a best guess at the patient's intent. For example, a patient may simply write 'medicine' as the consult reason. Annie may thus output: '[Patient] wishes to discuss their current medication and side effects.'- even though there was no specific mention of side effects.
Do not solely rely on Annie for critical information pertaining to critical decisions, for example, drug regimes and dosages. The information could be incorrect or outdated.
Always corroborate information with Report 1.0 (the first version of the Anima report you've been using). Annie's summary could contain false or inaccurate information.

By using Annie and viewing Annie's reports, you confirm that you have read and understood the limitations stated above, and that you treat Annie's output as informational only. Annie's outputs are not decisions, diagnoses or judgements in any shape or form. Anima is not responsible nor liable for decisions relating to text generated by Annie. Please use Annie responsibly.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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