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Release Notes | v1.3.15 | 22 Feb 2023

We have an extra special release this week with 4 brand new features! In no particular order:

Custom analytics query builder
Scheduled messaging + scheduled job management page
Keyboard shortcuts - no more clicking!
Recent activity history

First we'll take you through our custom query builder. If you go to the Analytics page, you can now build your own charts to look at the activity in your organisation. In the example below, we show how you could create a chart to see how long it takes for requests to be signed off throughout the week:

If you want to schedule an email or SMS to send to a patient (or multiple!), you can now do so from the Contact Patients page. You can now also save the event to each patient's record with any SNOMED code.

If you go to the new Scheduled Jobs page (under Patient Management), you will be able to see the status of all your scheduled messages, as well as appointment reminders and any pending patient record updates.

You can now complete all of your tasks at lightning speed with the new Anima Command Palette. Press Ctrl + K to see all of the commands and the keyboard shortcuts to activate them. See if you can complete a request without touching your mouse!

Currently shortcuts are only available on the main dashboard and signoff workflow, but soon we will be adding shortcuts for the entire Anima app.

Lastly, we've updated the notification hub to show you all of the recent activity across your organisation. You can also find request updates for specific patients in their MDT patient-case channel.

Other new features:

Alert if no attachments found when saving
Closed requests table
Edit team names
Filter selections are remembered after you leave the dashboard
UI improvements and bug fixes

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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