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Release notes | v1.3.21 | 8th May 2023

Introducing Analytics collections & templates

You can now organise your charts into collections under the Analytics dashboard! Helps reduce the clutter and allows you to group them under specific collections. You can directly add a chart to a collection or move an existing chart to a collection.

In addition, you can make a template out of a collection and all the charts grouped under it. This template is then available for anyone within your organisation to import to their dashboard. Any updates made to a templated collection will be automatically applied to any referenced collections by other users.

You can now also update the email address and phone number of patients registered at your practice. Once you have searched for a patient using the Patient Management page, you can find the new options when updating their registered details.

You can also now customise the messages shown to patients when you practice is closed or at full capacity. You can edit the messages in the Patient app section of your Organisation settings.

Other new features this week:

Bug fixes and UI improvements

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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