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Release notes | v1.3.22 | 16th May 2023

This week, we have another huge release with lots of requested features including:

Multiple image and video uploads
Improved photo upload quality and labels
Batch message replies
Add attachments to SMS
Improved request sorting

Image and video improvements


Patients are now able to submit multiple images with their requests and messages and also now have the option to attach videos. Up to 5 images and videos can be submitted per relevant question.
Images and videos can optionally labelled with a textual description by the patient
Images are now preserved in full quality within Anima and only compressed when saving to record to meet file size requirements
Videos are not currently saved to SystmOne/EMIS due to size, but are retained in Anima and can be rewatched at any time

Batch message replies

When sending messages from the Contact Patients page, you now have an option to allow patients to reply using their Anima account. You can select a user or team for the message to be assigned to when they reply.

Replies and sent messages can be found in the new Conversations tab on the main dashboard

When you open a conversation, you can send further messages or close the conversation and save it to the patient's record, as you would with a regular request

SMS attachments

You can now send attachments via SMS. When sending a batch message on the Contact Patients page, you can use the new attachment selector to specify how you would like your files to be sent

If SMS is selected, patients will receive a download link to access the files. They do not need to be logged into Anima or even a currently registered patient to access

Improved request sorting

You can now add more granular sorting to Patient Requests! Just specify the order of the fields you want to sort by and apply.

To get started, click the new Sort button to open the side sheet. From here you can add or remove options for sorting, as well as setting whether the sort order is ascending or descending.

If you’re looking to quickly sort Patient Requests for a single column, you can do this how you did before: simply select the column header on the table.

Other new features this week:

Redesigned banner to show more detail about today's requests
When assigning requests, you can now see the return date of users who are away on leave
Indicator to highlight patients under 5yo in the main dashboard
UI and UX bug fixes

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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