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Release notes | v1.3.23 | 31st May 2023

New features this week:

Ask Annie questions about your patient case
Introducing MDT @_mentions_
Under-16 patient verification
Convert dependants to independent accounts
Keep track of SMS messages sent to patients in their MDT case channels

Introducing Annie to your MDT chat

You can now tag @Annie on a patient's case and query for any information regarding the case or any general information. Annie will respond back with an answer based on all the context it has appropriately.

Add a @mention in MDT

You can also tag other channel participants. Messages that you have been tagged in will be visible in MDT Hub by clicking '**Direct mentions**'.![](

Independent accounts for patients under 16 years old

Patients between the ages of 13-16 can now have their own independent Anima accounts if manually approved by their registered practice. All patients between 13-16 years of age will appear in the Manual Verification table where they must be approved before they can submit an Anima request.

Dependent account conversion

You will now be alerted when a patient is over 16 and a dependant on another patient's account.

You can convert a dependent patient to an independent account from the Patient Search page

When converting a patient's account, you can provide a new email and phone number to use both for login and receiving notifications

Keep track of sent SMS messages

Open the MDT case channel on the left side of the patient request modal to see all activity related to that patient. Now you can also scroll through the list of SMS messages that have been sent to the patient.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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