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Release notes | v1.3.24 | 14th June 2023

New features this week:

Smartcard login
Request pre-assignments
Contact details alerts

Smartcard login

You can now use your NHS smartcard to log in to your Anima account! Just go to your User settings - under the Authentication tab you will see a new option to link your smartcard.

Once your smartcard has been successfully added, you can then log in either using your smartcard or using your normal email and password.

Request pre-assigments

When sending an invitation to a patient to complete an Anima request, you can now specify who that request should be assigned to when it is submitted. You can do this either from the Contact patients page or when selecting a follow-up request as a signoff option.

Contact details alerts

If the contact details found in a patient's medical record are different to those in their Anima account, you will now be shown an alert and given the option to create a task to update their details at a later time.

Other updates in this release:

Updated age calculation to only highlight patients under 5 years old
Automatic logout after 60 minutes of inactivity or removal of smartcard
New Blood test request
UI improvements and bug fixes

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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