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Release notes | v1.3.30 | 28 Aug 2023

Allow patients to decline appointment invites

When you send out appointment invites via SMS, you now have the option to allow the receivers to reply "DECLINE", which can be configured to save SNOMED codes of your choice to record.

Appointment slot filter presets

It's now possible to save filters when sending out appointment invites to patients in the Contact Patients page.

To create a new preset:

Select your filter values (Location, Delivery, Clinician, Service type and category).
Click "Save current filter".
Enter a name for your new preset and click save.

Now you can pick your preset whenever you're sending out appointment invites and your filters will be selected.

Other updates

Patients will no longer be asked if they have COVID symptoms by default.
Clarifying info message when patient invite is not available during sign off.
Patient invites - When an invite has been sent out and all slots in the range is already taken, the search range will be extended by another week, so patients don't have to get back to the practice to book an appointment.
The phrase "Please let us know if this needs to be rearranged" has been removed from appointment sign-off messages.
Minor fixes on showing all the associated organisations and your own clinic statistics under "Organisation settings >> Access and request limits"

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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