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What happens after I send a request in Anima

After your request is submitted from your patient account in Anima, it is received by your GP Surgery. The office will review your request and pass it long to the personnel required to review and resolve your request.

Once you submit a request through Anima, it will immediately show up as "In progress" in your Dashboard.

Clicking on the blue "Status" button will reveal that you completed your request and it was sent to your GP Surgery. 

If any additional information is required, your GP will reach out to you via one of the communication methods (email or SMS) and the status of the request will update in Anima. The status will be updated accordingly in Anima. 

If any action is required on your part, the blue button labeled "Check," will turn red to "Acknowledge."

The status of your request may appear as follows:  

After clicking on the red button labelled "Acknowledge," you can read your GP's resolution or communication in regards to your request. You have the option to "Reject this plan" by clicking on in the left hand corner or the blue button on the right labelled "Acknowledge & Accept". 

Your request is closed after this final step.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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